Our Mission: to continually bring innovative, quality health and beauty aids to our consumers, exceeding their expectations and becoming their final destination for all of their beauty care needs.

Our Products: Quality is #1, always has been and always will be. We will constantly strive to bring the best of the best to the category. We are committed to extensively testing our products, using the best ingredients, and staying abreast of the latest technological advances.

Our Partners: Partnership is the basis of success. Together we will take the category to new levels, "there is no I in TEAM." M3 Cosmetic Labs supports our collective goals as an industry by adhering to the highest ethical conduct in all of our business dealings and in the treatment of our employees. When we collaborate with dignity and respect for each other, the sky is the limit.

Our Consumers: Our ultimate goal is to please our consumers and give them the products that they need and deserve; to help them to achieve a look, to enhance their lifestyle. If for one moment we can uplift our consumer and make her or him feel like a better person, then our job is done. It all starts with a promise, but delivering on that promise is what's important.

Our Neighborhood: Every store that we are in is a part of a community and ultimately we want to be a good neighbor. By striving to give stores the tools that they need to enhance their community, we can be a leading force for positive action, philanthropically and socially. By being active in our community and continually re-investing, we can help to rebuild our neighborhoods in which we live and help them to prosper.